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Driven by a deep-rooted passion to give people the lifestyle and nutritional tools they need to inspire transformation, Graham founded Synchro Nutritionals in mid-2010. Graham's innovative approach to developing nutrition products is a reflection of his unique background. He holds a biochemistry degree from a top university, spent years as a pro-level cyclist, and has spent a decade cultivating semi-obsessive Vinyasa Yoga practice. Most importantly, for the better part of a decade Graham has been hell-bent on building the universe's most complete and integrative framework of nutrition and performance knowledge - endlessly poring over academic articles and rigorously experimenting with any and every powerful food and supplement he can get his hands on. In the end, Graham is committed to living a life that is as "Synchro" as possible...and to be of the greatest service to others in their pursuit of the same. Check out his work at

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Why You Can’t Ignore Nutrition’s Role In Spiritual Development

When the proto-yogis were developing the system of yoga thousands of years ago, they understood very clearly that a properly attuned mind/body system could be a tremendous asset in spiritual pursuits. Asana yoga and pranayama yoga were developed essentially as technologies for bringing the body/mind into alignment with and support of one’s spiritual development.

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Posted on October 7, 2013 by in Activated Health

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