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James Frank Boswell

James Boswell is a juggler and self-identified quantum mechanic (think overalls). He is currently a resident wellness coach at Matiz Wellness Center ( As Conductor of Quantum Co-efficients (CQC) at Light Lab, he is consistently conducting analysis to discover low-energy expenditure solutions which manifest the most transparent expression of Light Lab's collective vision. He is always looking for inspiration for his book series outlining Neurogenetic Multiversal Quantum Mechanics, as well as developing into a performance juggler of balls and beats. He finds the most bliss in connecting people with tools that assist them in becoming the fullest expression of themselves. He seeks to improve his understanding of social norms, and he shines brightest when he has the opportunity to co-create beautiful things. He is the Co-Producer of Lightlab Events.

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History’s Silver Lining: Authoring Your Own iStory

Weave yourself a history of silver threads. If the present can change the past and the past creates the present, choose a past which fits the present you wish to experience.

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Posted on September 27, 2013 by in Spirituality

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