Come raise your frequency and dance in the light of conscious community. We’ll create a sacred play-space of pristine soundscapes, healing vibes, and structured intention that will open your hearts and delight your minds. Let your light shine!

The Evening’s Sonic Wizards

Desert Dwellers
Bird of Prey
Treavor Moontribe
Sattva Ananda

Other Magic For You

Delcious, Activated Food
Raw Chocolate Alchemy
Probiotic Elixirs
Healing Spagyrics
Tea Temple
Altar & Light Installations
Visionary Art Gallery
Live Painting
Massage & Bodywork
Immersive Visuals
Conscious Vendor Village

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Look What All These Lovely People Said About Our Last Event…

  • “This was Truly Epic!!! It was a party like I’ve never been to before, here in New Mexico. I want to thank all that showed up and supported this upcoming movement to expand all minds. Take us on a new journey of music production, sacred spaces, art forms, raw food, and all the love that can be shared. The connections that were made will be unforgettable.”

  • “Thank you, everyone, for creating such a wonderful experience! I am overwhelmed with the positive energy I felt on Saturday night. It was so, so good.”

  • “Seriously one of the best shows of my time… and the best one here in NM I’ve been to!”

  • “Wow. Such an incredible night. Big ups to Lightlab. And all my family dancing and helping, you were beautiful last night. Thank you, from me to you.”

  • “That was a really good show. It reminded me of why I got into this scene in the first place.”

  • “What a great weekend! It lived up to its name for me… just a wonderful confluence of stimulation for the senses, creativity, and diverse interesting souls… thank you each of you for what you brought to the night.”

  • “Best show in Santa Fe.”

  • “Amazing time, beautiful souls, well done!!! Thank you.”

  • “What an amazing night! I am so proud to be part of such an extraordinary community. Congratulations on creating so much more than an incredible party!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE”

  • “Sooooo amazing thank you thank you thank you!!!!”

  • “That was just what I needed! Beautiful souls and smiling faces all dancing to the same bass & beats…memories of the energy give me goosebumps.”

  • “PURE LOVE!!!”

  • “This was just the most profound experience ever, I’ve never been to an indoor show with so much love, light, and healing energies. Namaste.”

  • “So basically you guys just threw the coolest event I’ve ever been to in Santa Fe, actually one of the best events I’ve been to period. There was nothing but beautiful healing energy, and it was exactly what I needed to feel at home. Good vibes to everyone who came out to support this amazing transformative night.”

  • “Amazing love, light, and energy.”

  • “You all are amazing. Thank you!!”

  • “What an incredible gathering last night! Great job and thank you all for your presence.”

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Faster entry at the event. If you’ve already purchased a ticket beforehand, we’ll be able to scan your QR code faster than you can say “Bless it!” No waiting in line.

Help us plant some trees. Lightlab is participating in an initiative that will plant one tree for every online ticket that we sell. Mother Earth loves you…love her back.

Help us go huge. Having some cash in hand prior to the event helps us make things as blessed and beautiful as possible.

Thank you so much for your support

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