Subtle Physiology: How Thinking Energetically Can Change Your Life


Understanding the human being from the perspective of its physiological makeup shows us only a small fraction of the phenomenon that is occurring every second within the human experience.

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Understanding the human being from the perspective of its physiological makeup shows us only a small fraction of the phenomenon that is occurring every second within the human experience.

The perspective of energetic occurrences explains the vast majority of what’s really happening within and around us at every moment. Even the physiological processes themselves can be broken down into a chain of energetic events. When considering the perspective of information formulation, storage, and transfer via electromagnetic frequencies, vibrational frequencies, and electric frequencies, a much deeper understanding of muscle movement, food digestion, nutrient assimilation, eye site, emotions, and thought formulation begins to emerge, and the picture of the true human experience becomes much clearer.

In order to optimize the experience that we have through the medium of the physical body, we must ask the following questions:

     How do cells communicate with each other?

     How does a cell membrane know what to let into the intra-cellular fluid and in what quantity?

     How does an organ system attract the nourishment it needs?

     How are the nutrients within food separated and delivered to the appropriate systems in the body?

     What signal mechanism is the body using to communicate its needs?

     How are the nervous system, the circulatory system, and the skeletal system related?

     What’s really nourishing our bodies?

     What role does water play in all this?

All these questions can be answered through the perspective of energy in its various forms. What is meant by energy in this instance includes all levels of existence, from original potential/creator/cosmic/zero-point energy to tachyon energy to photon energy and finally to various forms of matter. Other forms of energy include information, subtle organized energy fields, electromagnetic energy, electric energy, vibrational energy, and piezoelectric energy.

Let’s start with our basic understanding of the process of food assimilation. The understood sequence of events starts when we place food into our mouths. The teeth and saliva act as the first stage of breaking down the food by chewing and tearing the food and infusing it with enzymatic liquid (saliva). Meanwhile the body signals the digestive organs to release certain enzymes depending on the food being eaten. The solid or liquid food makes its way to the stomach in a process called peristalsis (contractions in the esophagus that push the food down to the stomach).

Once in the stomach, gastric juices and hydrochloric acid break down the food and prepare it for nutrient absorption while hydrochloric acid destroys anything that can harm the intestines. After the stomach, the food enters the small intestine where bile (produced in the liver) is secreted from the gallbladder, enzymes are secreted from the pancreas, and more enzymes are secreted from the walls of the small intestine. The walls of the small intestine are lined with millions of little villi (thread-like substances), which bring in fresh blood and absorb nutrients from the food passing through. The lipids (or fats) are delivered to the lymphatic system and, with the amino acids and glucose, are put into the blood stream, making their way to the liver. The liver then sorts through the substances in the blood and determines what is nourishment and what is waste. The liver processes everything that comes into the body. It plays a major role in carbohydrate metabolism, lipid metabolism, cholesterol synthesis, protein metabolism, amino acid synthesis, and waste disposal. What’s left of the food is passed to the large intestine where the remaining water and a few nutrients are absorbed, and the remaining waste is pushed out.

Even on the physiological level, there is a lot more happening than what was just summarized. Let’s start from the beginning and go step-by-step through the sequences from the energetic perspective.

Before food even enters the mind’s consciousness, the body is registering its needs and formulating the appropriate electromagnetic signal to send out. According to this signal, the mind formulates its specific neurotransmitter pattern to send out a signal to the nose and mouth, telling them the qualities of food the body needs at this moment. The nose and mouth are then attracted to the exact foods that the body needs for nourishment.

As the body starts the physical breakdown of nutrients, the electromagnetic frequency of each specific nutrient gives off a signal containing its physical properties. This is how the body knows how to respond to what’s coming into the digestive system. The appropriate variety of enzymes, the appropriate quantity of gastric juices, and the appropriate quantity of insulin are released. As the food goes through the system, the nutrients are further and further broken down into the forms that the body needs them in for absorption. As long as the food wasn’t processed or cooked at high temperatures, each individual nutrient has an energy field that is giving structure to the physical form. It also has an energy pulse that is vibrating at a certain frequency. The cells in a particular organ have a similar energy field and pulse.

Inside the cells in the body, there are amino acids with piezoelectric properties, meaning they can store and communicate energy and information. These amino acids are what are sending out a signal in the body to attract the specific nutrient for that particular cell. The nutrient’s energy field and pulse are attracted to the like resonance of the cell that is communicating its needs. Through this method of electromagnetic frequency communication, the nutrients taken into the body can easily find their way to the appropriate destination.

With this model, we can more easily understand the roles that important nutrients like water and minerals have on our health. Of course, next to air, water is the most important element we put into our bodies for nourishment. Water has purpose beyond just hydration. It regulates all body functions, regulates all the solutes dissolved in it, is used to create hydroelectric energy in the forms of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and GTP (guanosine triphosphate), lends its crystalline structure to our cells, and perhaps most importantly holds information.

The hormone histamine regulates water distribution in the body when we become dehydrated, giving water to the most important systems first. This leaves other systems of the body lacking in water. When lacking in water, a system cannot properly communicate its needs via electromagnetic communication. This not only leaves the organ, gland, or cell dehydrated, but also malnourished. If this malnourishment goes on long enough, the imbalance will physically reveal itself in some way (disease, disorder, dysfunction). It doesn’t matter what you eat; if you are dehydrated, you are malnourished.

To link this all together, we need to look at how energy is related to the skeletal system, the nervous system, and the circulatory system. The skeletal system and all the bones contained within it have piezoelectric properties, meaning they can create an EMF pulse when put under physical stress of any kind and can absorb, store, amplify, transduce, and transmit vibrational energy, such as light and sound. They can also convert this energy into electromagnetic or electric energy. As the body’s main solid crystalline structure, the skeletal system acts as an antennae for all incoming and internal vibrational energy. The heart and brain along with their corresponding systems (the nervous and circulatory systems) give off EMF vibrations that resonate with the bone structures in our body. The bones receive this information and then send it out into the cells in the body. In this way, the nervous system, the circulatory system, and the skeletal system communicate with all cells in the body.

Because water is a crystal, it becomes the main component used for the transfer of energy and information in the body as it makes up 60-80% of the body. It can easily receive and transmit information from specific locations throughout the body. As a crystal, it has a crystalline structure and an energy field that gives the crystal form. It also contains the specific information for whatever it is being used to do. The more structure it has and the stronger the energy field of the water crystal, the more efficiently it can perform the activities needed in energy and communication transfer. The body will actually structure the water crystals to a certain extent, but the more the water is structured before entering the body, the more functional it is in the body, and the less energy the body has to dedicate to structuring the water for it to perform its functions efficiently.

As a crystal, water can be “programmed” with specific information. This happens when we bless food or water with prayers, words, intentions, mantras, thoughts, or feelings. If heating has not destroyed the structure of the water within a particular food, the structure of the water within the food is more easily “programmed”. Plant foods are also programmed with subtle information from the sun, the earth, the moon, and the stars. Photosynthesis is a process by which a plant assimilates, and stores energy/information from the sun. When we eat the plant, that energy/information is released into our system and nourishes our cells on a subtle level.

It resonates with the light within our being.

The same is true for the energy/information that the water within plants receive from the earth, the moon, and the stars. The same theory also holds for information that is other than serving. Water crystals can be programmed with the vibrational energies of hate, greed, jealously, fear, anxiety, and scarcity. These energies would then be communicated and transferred to every cell in the body via the system of electromagnetic frequency and electric energy communication throughout the body.

This is why the power of thought and intention are so important in what we put into our bodies. The transfer of information within the body is so sensitive that it can pick up even the subtlest of vibrations and frequencies, and if you are sensitive enough, you can tell the difference. The physiology of the human can be broken down into subtler and subtler forms until ultimately reaching the pure cosmic energy coming from source.

Viewing the human physiology on more subtle levels allows our consciousness to expand and include a more direct relationship with the energy that is just beneath what the eye can see. There is value in understanding biological/physiological phenomenon on an energetic level. It helps give form to what some consider formless. I have chosen to explain a form that is easily comprehended, but not often explored. This understanding has the potential to go much deeper.

How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?


Fred Lucas

Fred Lucas is a nutritionist/chef who is interested in cultivating more love, compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness in the world by whatever means possible (food, beverages, nutritional consulting, sharing the human experience, etc). Fred Loves You.

  • Aaron Johnston

    I love this article and have integrated this valuable perspective into my own basic understanding of holistic nutrition. I would love to start a dialogue about the topic if you’re willing.

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