Finding Inner Light at Firefly Gathering


Festivals like Firefly Gathering are liminal spaces for the testing of new ideas. They are ecstatic templates for new ways of being, fueled by light and sound and the indefatigable unfolding of creative love.

Above: The wooden entrance portal of Innerspace-Lightlab, courtesy of master sculptor Owen William Fritts. Image courtesy of Jamie Wrobel.

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Let your fire fly.

So concluded the nightly ceremony at this past weekend’s Firefly Gathering outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. Each evening at sunset, activities ceased and subwoofers were silenced to hold space for a moment of community grounding and intentionality.

The festival participants locked hands to form a giant circle in front of the main stage, thereby co-creating an emergence of deep remembrance—a remembrance of what transformational festival culture is really about, of who we really are, and of how perfect community can really be.  

The accompanying words offered by the festival’s coordinators were poignant and profound. They spoke of love and gratitude, of the pressing need for right relation, and of the Earth’s cries for peace and stewardship.

They reminded us that festivals like Firefly Gathering—if orchestrated correctly—are liminal spaces for the testing of new ideas. They are ecstatic templates for new ways of being, fueled by light and sound and the indefatigable unfolding of creative love.

The evolution of festival culture

If you’ve attended festivals (even those that claim to be “transformational”), you probably know that they tell a complicated story.

They teeter on the razor’s edge between mad excess and creative perfection, the fine line between chaos and flow. All it takes to turn a conscious gathering into a destructive party is a bit of distorted intention. Creating an event that is wholly built on a grid of well-directed intentionality is a monumental task.

And yet the Firefly folks (and all the event’s beautiful, dusty attendees) proved one thing to me: we’re getting better at this.

Their open-heartedness, meticulous spirit of highest integrity, and unflinching dedication to creating safe and sacred space was simply divine. They are a beacon, a wonderful model, and a force that I hope will shape the intentions of many other transformational event producers.

Creating resonance patterns

When strong, positive organizing frequencies are beamed into the collective, the collective can’t help but dance to its beat.

Lightlab had the pleasure and honor of teaming up with Flagstaff-based InnerSpace to co-create an epic stage called Innerspace-Lightlab (affectionately called Inner Light by many). Our sacred space was teeming with lovely Fireflies all weekend, and we were delighted and astounded by their deep maturity, their childlike presence, their powerful beauty, and their dedication to personal and planetary transformation.

Every workshop we facilitated (even the very first one on Friday morning) was packed.

During ceremony time, our tea table was continuously surrounded by curious, illuminated souls (some even volunteered to keep the tea flowing outside of ceremony times).

Our geodesic dome was decorated to the hilt with crystals, sacred items, found objects, tapestries, and interactive displays—and not a single object went missing (in fact, some new items were even generously gifted to the altars).

Conversations about planetary culture creation, conscious intimacy, art as politics, activated health, and psycho-spiritual ritual design blended deliciously with our stage’s music—a sonic driver of thumping clarity and elation.

The entire event was a sterling example of pratyahar—an immaculate coordination between intention and actuality. It proved that when organizers take the time to build their events on a foundation of highest right relation, magical things happen.

Sacred space begets more sacred space.

And at a certain tipping point, the space becomes endowed with the ability to positively inform the perception and experience of all its inhabitants. The dominant frequency becomes one of love, community, and intention—and all other frequencies become entrained to it.

Training for co-creating heaven on earth

So if we can co-create this kind of ripple effect within the micro-ethnosphere of a festival, why can’t we make it happen across the planet?

We can.

As more and more of us experience this kind of temporary autonomous zone for radical self-expression and radical world-dreaming, we come progressively closer to the tipping point needed to establish a planetary culture.

As more and more of us enter into spaces where we awaken to our highest, most creative, most ignited selves, we draw nearer to the more beautiful world that we all know is possible.

So if you’ve never checked out Firefly Gathering and it sounds like your scene, I hope to see you there next year.

For now, just take a moment to remind yourself that there are good things coming. We just have to let our light shine, and our fire fly.


Ryan Greendyk

Ryan Greendyk is a conscious internet entrepreneur, writer, kundalini yoga teacher, psychonaut, and sacred space creator. He's pretty fond of tea ceremonies, entheogens, bass-beat wizardry and techno-shamanism, superfoods, gifting, fire spinning, alternative healing modalities, spontaneous outbursts of love, and spending quality time with God and friends. In a nutshell, he's dedicated to delivering others to their highest selves through the creation and promotion of communities, cultures, products, and programs built upon creativity, intentional play, and spiritual self-mastery. He is the Founder of Lightlab and the Producer of Lightlab Events.

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