Awakening Happens All-Ways


Everything is part of the awakening process. Not just yoga, meditation, and love-light bliss—everything. Whether it feels like it or not, every moment is sacred, every moment is ceremony.

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Awakening is nothing if not elusive.

In fact, its nature is inherently asymptotic. It is That which can never be reached, but towards which we must always continue to strive. It is not a destination, but rather a curated context for the discovery of the Truth that contains all other truths: I Am That.

The world-space that we call home is bound to this destiny of infinite approach because it is a unity without beginning or end. As the Theosophists say, “Listen, sons of the Earth—learn, there is neither first nor last, for all is one: number issued from no number.”[1]

And yet, the eventuality of awakening is certain—it is the eschaton, secular and divine, spoken and unspoken. Thus, as the singular fated crossing of impossibility and inevitability, it is, at the very least, unique. It is the only answer that just might be the Answer to all questions.

This answer only seems to show its face, however, when we stop being attached to the question—or rather, when we become certain that all questions are the same Question.

This is another way of expressing a primary lesson that we Earth-bound learners need to absorb, namely that everything is part of the awakening process. Not just yoga, meditation, and love-light bliss—everything. Whether it feels like it or not, every moment is sacred, every moment is ceremony.

Yes, even the difficult, unpleasant moments…

In fact, oftentimes the most difficult experiences of all—the ones we’d be most hard-pressed to call “sacred”—are actually the most illuminated openings into the awakened state. Many mystics and esoteric figures—such as Swedenborg, Gurdjieff, Blavatsky, Steiner, and Jung—were afflicted with what the historian of psychology Henri Ellenberger has called a “creative illness,” which left them radically changed and activated their psycho-spiritual potential.[2]

This is because awakening is not a settling or quiet repose; it is a ceaseless act of burning and change, a breaking through of everlasting origin.

Our moments of trial are eyes of needles, and they are gifts far more intoxicatingly sweet than any fleeting happiness for which we could hope to wish. These moments are strivings—they’re symptoms of awakening, just as the symptoms of illness are proof of the immune system’s urging forth. Samuel Sagan, spiritual teacher and founder of the Clairvision School, reminds us that “to stop being a sleeper, you must strive for awakening. But in reality, striving for anything will take you closer to awakening.”[3]

This isn’t to say that there’s no happiness to be found on the spiritual path, but that—contrary to the sales pitches of New Age gurus—it’s just not about happiness. Higher awareness is an ocean of illimitable ecstasy, an endless Sky filled with revelation, life, and wild order. It can convey a limpid and crystalline happiness so all-encompassing that it cannot be named. But this brand of personal fulfillment is not the point. Only by releasing our search for perfection may we be rewarded with it.

Perhaps, by delicately grasping the buried thread of nostalgia that leads us back to the pristine archaic—by recalling the Myth that some call the reality of the Ancient Days—we can regather that fragile moment when all of us were unconditionally happy.

This memory could be sweet—one which tempers the chiaroscuro of modernity with color and lends to us a deep, smiling presence—but it is not the way forward. This blissful balance existed only as a material extension of the cosmic sleep from which All chosen to awaken. We decided that bliss without awareness is no bliss at all, and thus began the descent that will make the return to Awareness possible.

The task before us now is to embrace the disequilibrium of our present stage of awakening, and more importantly, to take responsibility for it. If we blame our discomforts on external circumstances—the “dismal situation waste and wild” of a disturbed and shaken planet—we’re missing a profound opportunity for celebration.[4]

Because the world’s travails are nothing but a reflection of our trials of awakening; everything is a projection of our collective inner landscape. Nothing is wrong; everything is the way it is because We chose for it to be this way, and We did so because This is precisely what is best for our awakening.

Perfection is a place worth remembering

To pass through our trials, we must not fear and fight them. Rather, we must keep ourselves burning with the highest passion of our core intentionality, so that the world may shine with that light, as well. We must, as Rudolf Steiner urges us, discover the point where each and every thing “burns with interest.”[5]

Because “if it isn’t beautiful, man, there’s nothing,” as Ram Dass would say.[6]

Beauty unveils the path to joy. And if you can follow the guidance of your greatest joy—which is your simplest and most intuitive connection to higher impressionwhatever you’re doing will always be perfect, and this perfection will bring you peace.

Because everything has already been done, the universe is perfect, and the only task left before you is a spontaneous remembrance born of joy and awe. Your completed Self already knows how the game works—and It’s doing everything It can to pull up the curtain for you.

It’s worth repeating once more: your existence has been perfectly and exquisitely designed, meticulously chosen by You, to lay before you an unerring path to awakening. The vast intelligence behind this Plan is the noetic apotheosis of the world’s projection—it is Geometry made flesh by and through you.

As such, action is the language that gives voice to the invisible template through which the World is given being. Each of your actions is a theurgic opening, a possibility to invoke Higher Will in lieu of egoic drive…an opportunity to awaken by remembering that you’re already awakened.

The world is a magician, and this is its Prestige: it only seems like we’re infinitely approaching our goal, because the Game’s solution is to remember that we’ve already reached it. Remember?

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