History’s Silver Lining: Authoring Your Own iStory


Weave yourself a history of silver threads. If the present can change the past and the past creates the present, choose a past which fits the present you wish to experience.

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I was in my high-school American History class when we changed our lesson plan from the Civil Rights Movement to CNN. The world had changed forever.

About two weeks ago, we observed the 12th anniversary of an event that affected the majority of human beings worldwide. 9/11, as it stands, is a complicated memory for us. For some, it inspires painful remembrance of lost loves ones. For others, it inspires powerful feelings of patriotism. For an increasing number, it inspires a confusing mass of emotions. These stem from not knowing what really happened that day; not knowing who was involved in planning and carrying out the event, and especially what their intentions were. More and more of us are asking a grand “Why?!?” about these kind of catastrophic and deeply consequential events.

We don’t just have these complicated reactions to destructive events. We are also asking these same questions about events we consider deeply healing and constructive. If, like me, you are someone who naturally asks yourself, “how can I best use this experience to propel me toward the person/state I want to be?” these kind of events are simultaneously incredibly potent as a catalyst for change, but also rather confusing (especially the destructive ones). In this short article, we will explore the idea of authoring your own story: how to make the way in which history reflects upon you automatically provide propulsion towards your expansion and evolution.

A Promise to You: My ideas are always sourced from my interpretation of scientific research. No matter how far-fetched some of my claims may be, I am committed to only sharing that which I can support with empirical evidence. If you are a psycho-spiritual scientist like me, I imagine you will love this approach!

To begin learning to author our own life stories, first we must explore a brief overview of some awesome and mind-bending discoveries in modern physics. Gotta get up to speed…I’ll try and just touch the essential concepts.

What is history? Essentially, it is a collection of cause-and-effect events to which we ascribe meaning. Take 9/11 or MLK’s “Dream” speech, for example; each atom that vibrated with the words of his speech, all the encoded electromagnetic energy that relayed that information across neurons to form memories, each electrical interaction of the microphones that captured it for us to hear today, all of these and every other atom and energy exchange that brought his famous speech into being, was governed by physical laws. Our new paradigm says some very interesting things about what that means.

Physicists have demonstrated that the present can literally change the past. Seriously, google that shit: it’s called retrocausality. Wait, you already did!

One of the ways in which this was discovered was through contemplation of the 2-slit experiment. This experiment, which is at the heart of quantum theory, demonstrated that matter and energy could behave as both a particle and a wave simultaneously. I propose that we live in a multiverse, and that matter as a wave (which can exist across multiple places in space-time vs. a particle existing in one place) is simply us observing that particular matter in multiple universes at once. Basically, all matter exists in multiple universes until you bump up against it, at which point you experience it as a particle interaction in the universe you are in.

If that paragraph made your brain want to put in its 2-weeks notice, here’s another way to think about this idea: Imagine someone you love. Where are they? How sure are you about your initial answer? 90% 99% 50%? It can never be 100% unless you are observing them directly. This is a similar concept and multiverse quantum mechanics would say that until you DO observe them, they are in all the places they could possibly be at once. This is called quantum superposition. I think Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen could do it, right?

So, how does this all relate to 9/11? Well, a very cutting-edge experiment seems to now show that the reality we experience in the present (you hearing your super-positioned loved one on the phone) is changing from potential waves to actual matter at the moment you observe it. But, let’s say you expected your loved one to be doing yoga on the top of the empire state building like they do every friday, but suprise suprise, they are at home on Facebook. That means two different histories literally existed before you checked on them, one that led them to a New Yoga State of Mind and one that led them to the book of faces. (as well as countless other possible histories/universes)

As mind-boggling as this sounds, it is entirely plausible and increasingly well supported by evidence. I propose that the history that you experienced, in our example the one which lead them to Facebook, literally came into being in your universe when you observed them (or called them, or received that new ridiculous emoticon on Facebook or whatever). Some actual experiments have demonstrated this effect, that THE OBSERVATION OF THE  PRESENT CAN LITERALLY CHANGE THE PAST.

If your brain isn’t now marching around your desk with a picket sign, we are doing well. So, on to YOUR STORY.

What all of this implies is that you, the observer, essentially choose histories each and every moment that you experience reality. While we all may agree on some of the facts of 9/11 (yes, the buildings fell, and yes, there were planes), what those events mean, and especially the history (chain of cause and effect) leading up to them, is hotly debated. With all this debate about what REALLY happened, we are missing the bigger picture. History is simply a collective story, and physics is starting to suggest that there are many stories to choose from (all possible stories in fact). It has no direct effect upon the present, except of course what it means to you. This meaning is most important; everything else is just a collection of data up for our interpretation.

This perspective on life places a huge responsibility our shoulders, but also relieves us of the burden of our past. You get to decide how the story of 9/11 happened and continues to happen each time you remember it. Each time you make a choice, everything that has ever happened to you, every story you’ve ever believed, affects your current pathway.

This means that finding the silver thread that links each and every event you have ever experienced together as a series of silver linings is so important. YOU are the author of your own story; YOU get to choose what his-her-story means to you and what you learned from it.

Release yourself from limiting beliefs about your past; choose a different meaning. If you experienced trauma, it can be empowering, galvanizing, and compassion-generating. If you experienced death, it can be sacrifice, education, and inspiration. All of the stories we share and call human history have an interpretation version that is resistant (like when we say, “I wish this never happened”) and one that is accepting (“this happened for a reason”). Find your reasons; define the meaning of history as you see fit, and you may be empowered by everything.

It can be challenging and sometimes seem impossible to find that silver lining. Sometimes therapies are involved, sometimes a simple alternative perspective from a loved one is all that is needed to trigger the cloud-burst. Weave yourself a history of silver threads. If the present can change the past and the past creates the present, choose a past which fits the present you wish to experience. I am grateful 9/11 occurred so that I could write this article and share with you today. 9/11 turned me into a true skeptic and avid fact-checker, and for that I am so grateful that I cannot wish it away. I honor those who sacrificed their lives for us to learn and choose a meaningful story for that day.

The perspective in this article may be understood as “positive thinking” or even self-delusion, but as my future articles and books will show in more detail, the crazy ones of us who believe in the power to create reality simply by choosing a story are supported by some powerful science.

Have faith if you must, but remember that each and every time you decide what an event means, whether it’s being cut off on the freeway, 9/11, or falling in love, you are writing the story of your life. Give the main character an epic arc of transformation and growth. Write the story you wish to live; be the hero you want to be. Don’t include meaningless scenes, because the universe never puts down the pen!



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James Frank Boswell

James Boswell is a juggler and self-identified quantum mechanic (think overalls). He is currently a resident wellness coach at Matiz Wellness Center (www.matizwellnesscenter.com). As Conductor of Quantum Co-efficients (CQC) at Light Lab, he is consistently conducting analysis to discover low-energy expenditure solutions which manifest the most transparent expression of Light Lab's collective vision. He is always looking for inspiration for his book series outlining Neurogenetic Multiversal Quantum Mechanics, as well as developing into a performance juggler of balls and beats. He finds the most bliss in connecting people with tools that assist them in becoming the fullest expression of themselves. He seeks to improve his understanding of social norms, and he shines brightest when he has the opportunity to co-create beautiful things. He is the Co-Producer of Lightlab Events.

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