How The Constellation Ophiuchus Could Heal Astrology (And The World)


The True Essence of this wondrous energy is Alchemy, the transformation of poison into medicine.

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Several years ago I began studying astrology.

My first real encounter with it began as a reading of my birth chart, given to me by a man who would later become my teacher in shamanism, healing, perception, and astrology. When the reading began he asked me what my level of familiarity with the constellation Pisces was.

“Very limited”, was my answer. I told him that since my birthday was April 13th my main focus in studying astrology had naturally been geared toward the sign Aries, my birth sign under the Western Tropical Astrology system that’s popular in the US and Western Europe.

This initiated a slow and evenly paced conversation in which this former teacher of mine explained to me that, from the perspective of Astronomy, the Sun had been in the constellation Pisces when I was born, not Aries. The reason for this, he explained, was that 1800 years ago, a decision was made in Europe to assume that the position of the Sun in the Zodiac would remain constant relative to our seasons on Earth forever.

In other words, on specific dates in our calendar system, such as the Spring Equinox, the Sun would always be framed in the same spot, until the end of time. This assumption, without directing blame or judgment, is simply not factual or accurate.

Here’s how it works…

From an astronomical perspective, the 12 signs of the zodiac were initially directly overlaid on the constellations after which they’re named. Over time, this relationship began to become more and more out of alignment, as the position of the Sun drifted by 1 degree within the Zodiac every 72 years relative to our seasons on Earth.

Over the last 1800 years, this gradual shifting has created an inconsistency of 25 degrees between Tropical Astrology signs and the constellations they’re named after, and which they used to be directly lined up with. To provide a practical example, if I had been born on April 13th, 200 AD the Sun would have been in the constellation Aries from the perspective of Earth. I was however born on April 13th, 1984 and the Sun was in the constellation Pisces from the perspective of Earth.

At this moment, Western Tropical Astrology is the only system of star knowledge which has ever had an astronomical inconsistency of more than 3 degrees. Furthermore, every human culture known to us at this time has had a tradition of astrology which is directly linked to astronomical observations and calculations. It’s hard to believe, but the more one studies the foundations of the currently popularized system of Astrology in Western culture, the more it becomes clear that it has lost a bearing to what’s actually happening amongst the stars which surround us.

As I spent more time studying Sidereal Astrology, I began to get increasingly curious about the equal division of the Zodiac into twelve 30 degrees sections, known as the Signs.

Something about the constellation Virgo kept calling out to me, letting me know that it was bigger than I believed it was. This led me to explore a star-map of constellations. What I found was that the constellation Virgo actually occupied 44 degrees of the Zodiac, much more than the 30 degrees I had believed it did.

The forgotten constellation

As I looked further into this star-map I found that each constellation was a unique shape and size. Some of the constellations overlapped and there was one whole constellation in the Zodiac, Ophiuchus, which had somehow been completely left out of modern Western Astrology, both Tropical and Sidereal.

Ironically, this constellation is the holder of both the inherent challenges and solutions to the energies of Astrology.

Associated with the asteroid Chiron, Ophiuchus represents both our wounding and healing. It also describes our ability to heal others and our ability to wound others.

Ultimately, the True Essence of this wondrous energy is Alchemy, the transformation of poison into medicine. Ophiuchus rests directly above Scorpio (representing the soul) in the Zodiac, branches out over both Libra (relationships) and Sagittarius (Experience), and is directly across the Zodiac from Taurus (the body).

This in itself is quite a poetic and metaphorically accurate description of the sources of trauma (Libra and Sagittarius), the ground upon which it’s rooted (Scorpio), and the Lens through which it expresses (Taurus).

Finally, weaving the energy of Ophiuchus into the fabric of the Zodiac converts a system based on the number 12, signifying the Divine Masculine, into a system based on 13, signifying the Divine Feminine. This results in a re-focusing of the intention of Astrology from an exploration of Force and Skillful Means to one of Wisdom and Core Identity.

As time moves on and the human population of Earth shifts more into Alignment with deeper waves of Consciousness, systems such as Western Sidereal Astrology will become more popular and attractive.

As for right now, more time and patience is called for in assisting the general population to become more grounded into Nature before a majority shift in attention from Tropical to Sidereal Astrology actualizes.

In the meantime, I’d like to invite each one of you to feel out which approach feels resonant and attractive to you and encourage each one of you to follow this guidance as it serves your own Highest Good.

As Always, So Much Love, Encouragement, and Support.

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Wingate Holmes Paine III

Wingate Holmes Paine III is a healer, western sidereal astrologer, artist, and pioneer in the field of pro-biotic therapy. His work is inspired by a deep knowing that a mutually beneficial outcome for all life everywhere is possible, given that individuals take complete responsibility for their experiences and commit to doing the challenging work of walking through fears, addictions, and hatred to arrive in a place of Love, unconditional acceptance, and virtue. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

  • James Boswell

    Thanks for contributing this! I love your active voice, really comes through :)

    When I read your numerology (I have fun perceiving my own) I saw:

    12 = 3 (subject-object-meaning triadic, electronic/digital perception) X (power through multiplicity) 4 (change throughout time) = Masculine

    13 = 6 (unified-polar-triadic-aspects star-of-david sacred-sexual-ecstasy) + (power through additive properties orgasmic-tipping-point) 5 (pentagram gaia-rooted-transducer) = Femenine

    As I’ve read little numerological canon (da-vinci code and flatland may qualify lol) I’m curious how my interpretation resonates with your knowledge of numerology proper.

    Also, I am amazed at how beautifully this article will tango with my next one! <3

    Thanks again for awesome inspiration brother!

  • Peter Belanger

    I was also born in April 13th! In 1970.

    It’s kinda strange. This is the second time I have come across articles mentioning my birthdate during my investigation into astrology based on the actual constellations rather than 12 unchanging, equal 30 degree divisions. Some may write it off as meaningless “coincidence”. But I believe in synchronicity. This is a sign to me that I should pay attention to this approach to astrology. It actually makes a lot more sense. This is actually the form of astrology Nostradamus used.

  • Douglas Hill

    2 days ago, a friend of mine asked if I had heard of a 13th zodiac… I said, NO!!
    Well, I’ve been reading about it for two days now… thank you for sharing your insight.

    When I read the traits of Ophiuchus — I was immediately knocked over. It described me to a “T” — with one or two exceptions… I’m not big on taxes and/or jealous (at all). But given its location in the constellations and understanding (apparently) its zodiac starts on Nov. 29th/30th — I, of course, wanted to know where it was in my birth chart and why it rang such a bell toll within me.

    Maybe, it’s my Sage ASC and/or my Neptune (possibly in Ophiuchus) and/or my 7.03 degrees Scorpio Sun (seems Ophiuchus kicks in around 6, 7, or 8 degrees seeing it take up about 22 degrees in Scorpio). I don’t really know!!

    Anywayz, again… thanks for sharing
    Douglas Hill
    born: Canton, Ohio
    Time; 10:53am

  • Robert Joseph

    Nice post Wingate ~ and I also agree that the 13 sign system will become much more popular over time! :)


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