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Those of us who have chosen to incarnate on Earth at this time are brave and majestic souls indeed. We are overwhelmed by society’s all-consuming progression toward some inevitable future, held hostage by the Hegelian dialectic that emphasizes the ceaseless motion of history over the stillness of the Infinite Now.

“You surrender to a lot of things which are not worthy of you. I wish you would surrender to your radiance…your integrity…your beautiful human grace.”

                                                                                                        – Yogi Bhajan

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We live in a complicated and challenging world.

Those of us who have chosen to incarnate on Earth at this time are brave and majestic souls indeed. We are overwhelmed by society’s all-consuming progression toward some inevitable future, held hostage by the Hegelian dialectic that emphasizes the ceaseless motion of history over the stillness of the Infinite Now.

Many are beginning to see the importance of unplugging, slowing down, and resting in the silence of one’s own heart. As the world begins to awaken to “the power of now,” however, we are becoming enmeshed in a new issue. Rather than finding rest in the eternal present, consensus reality has simply imported the contents of the future-to-come into the present.

What we’re left with is an existence in which “everything happens now,” to use Douglas Rushkoff’s phrase.  In his book, Present Shock, Rushkoff describes our predicament: “We tend to exist in a distracted present…Instead of finding a stable foothold in the here and now, we end up reacting to the ever-present assault of simultaneous impulses and commands.”[1]

Perhaps this way of being represents the transitional state of a species that has noticed the importance of the Present, without yet realizing that living in the moment shouldn’t (and can’t) be a teleological pursuit of getting everything done immediately.  Perhaps this is our way of beginning to shed the chrysalis of us vs. them mentalities, mechanized time, and divisive economic structures. Surely, any day or year or epoch now, we’ll emerge into a new brand of being, one in which noospheric consciousness is the thought-unit of measurement, in which no individual soul has to bear the maddening burden of the universe’s infinite complexity stuffed into a single moment of linear time.

But in the mean time, life is crazy.

How do we cope? Do we attempt to keep up? Do we detach from the World of Form, allowing the stress of civilization to roll off our backs like water, at the risk of losing all the goodness that community, society, and interrelating can bring us? How do we protect ourselves from the onslaught of excessive information, negative programming, and any other kind of energetic intentionality capable of sapping our energy, clouding our vision, and holding us back from our Highest Selves?

Yogi Bhajan, the Raj Yoga Master who brought kundalini yoga to the West in the 1960’s, had a mantra he liked to use to answer these questions: “Keep up and you will be kept up.”

He wasn’t speaking from a competitive, defensive, or aggressive standpoint, though. Matching violence and unpleasant intensity with more of the same only makes things worse. For example, a recent study in the American Journal of Public Health demonstrated that for each 1% increase in gun ownership, the rate of gun-related murders increased by 0.9%.

Instead, yogic doctrine suggests that we work to create internal stability that is capable of matching external tension.  In so many words: seek the neutrality of equilibrium rather than the constant oscillation between action and reaction.

This is another way of saying that we must “be the change that we want to see in the world.” Practices that protect and shield us through the cultivation of inner integrity are physiological demonstrations of the first and most important law of manifestation: the outer reflects the inner.  Thus, if we attempt to fight back against the onslaught of modern life, all we are doing is perpetuating the archetypes of fear, anxiety, and reaction that got us here in the first place. On the other hand, if we seek to meet the pressure on a middle ground of symmetry and equilibrium, we not only neutralize negative influences and stimuli, but also help to alter the underlying fabric of these influences in a positive way. This is the path to creating “a world of higher possibility, a world that was meant to be, life as we were meant to live it…[a] world of wholeness and beauty [that] is closer than close, within and among us.”[2]

The key to using equilibration as psychic self-defense is to replace feelings of animosity, fear, and reactivity with an awareness of personal radiance. Here’s a wonderful meditation for getting into this state of being:

Open your ritual space. Setting or gridding your meditation space with directed intention is an essential beginning to any codified spiritual practice. If you don’t declare exactly what kind of space you want to create, external influences will curate your space for you (and you might not like the cards you’re dealt). Be clear and strong. Chanting, “tuning in,” rhythmic breathing, and other forms of sonic driving are excellent ways to structure your ritual space with integrity.

Clear your mind. Whether you’re just getting started with meditation or are a veteran practitioner, you know that this task is easier said than done. If possible, sit on the ground or floor with your legs crossed (this is referred to as Easy Pose in many forms of yoga). This position will help your body’s bioelectric field ground into the earth’s field, which will make you less vulnerable to external, distracting energies and influences (sitting on a conductive material like wool will amplify this grounding effect). If you are unable to rest comfortably in this position, you may sit in a chair instead; any loss of grounding will still be better than the constant distraction of pain and discomfort. Yogi Bhajan liked to encourage his students to “push the limits of the mind, not the limits of the body.”

Perfect your posture. Straighten your spine, lengthen the back of the neck, slightly tuck the chin, and rest the hands comfortably in your lap or on your knees. Your posture is a reflection of your emotional state; your body is built on a template of sacred geometry, and thus will respond on all levels to intentional positioning. Close your eyes, and feel that you are perfect, beautiful, and strong. Know that the Divine Blueprint of your physical form is incorruptible, unbreakable, and luminous.

Feel your radiance. With eyes closed, focus your gaze on a point that best represents an intuitive source of your Inner Radiance; the third eye (gaze upwards at the point between the eyebrows) or the heart (gaze downwards through your throat chakra to the center of your chest) work very well for this purpose. Focus all your psychic energy on seeing the luminosity of that point’s radiance as you invoke the activation of its power. Sometimes the backs of your eyelids will even appear brighter at this point, as though an external light source is being directed at you. Whether this occurs because of a psychological reflex to the thought-form of light or the actual luminescence of the pineal gland is inconsequential. It is the experience of your radiance that will transform and protect you.

Expand your awareness. Allow the warm intensity of your inner radiance to amplify and fill your body. Slow the breathing, and with every conscious exhalation, project a sphere of this energy into your surroundings. Know unconditionally that this energy is your own essence, and that it is perfectly powerful and perfectly calm. Feel all contrary forces, aspects of your shadow self, and pressuring influences effortlessly neutralized by the expansion of this spherical radiance. With each breath, allow the sphere to encompass a larger and larger area, until your entire house, neighborhood, and city is filled and enlivened by the out-breath of your Radiance. This practice may be expanded to planetary and galactic proportions, as well, but try to master the extension of your protective radiance to the level of your city or county before proceeding any further. Personal protection can nearly always be completely assured at this level of extension; higher levels allow for the restructuring of group memes and values, healing of gender archetypes, and planetary gridwork. As Terence McKenna would say: “The mind boggles!”

Stay centered. Focus on the goal of achieving inner stability through the one-pointed awareness of your own radiance (yogis called this directed focus dharana). The further you extend your radiant sphere, the more heat your body should generate. You should also begin to notice that the larger your sphere grows, the higher the “frequency” of the experience. We’ll get into the physics of this phenomenon in later articles, but for now, see if you feel a strange oscillation in different parts of your body that increases in speed, a ringing in your ears that gets higher in pitch, or colors on the backs of your eyelids that change from longer to shorter wavelengths. At first, you may just feel a strangeness that increases in intensity as you project your Awareness. If you don’t feel anything, don’t worry! Center yourself, focus on your breath, and continue to affirm that you are protected, radiant, and divine. With practice, your consciousness will open to a whole new level of sensory experience. At that point, the foundational practices of neutral observation and centered focus that you’ve worked so hard to develop will be key to further progress, as all those fascinating colors, sounds, and feelings can get awfully distracting!

Bring your meditation to a close. Begin the process of involution, reintegrating your sphere of radiance back into the body. Pull this extension of your energy back into its point of origin (your third eye, heart, or whatever other point you’ve chosen). Lock the energy into your body by suspending the breath, pulling upward and inward on the anus, navel, and sex organs, pulling in the diaphragm, and tightly tucking the chin. This internal energy lock is called Maha Bandha (“the Great Lock” in Sanskrit). Exhale forcefully, and feel your entire body-mind system flushed with ecstatic radiance. Close your ritual space with prayerfulness, gratitude, and intention.

This meditation will remind you that above all, you are Light. If you’re not used to meditating for any length of time, just start with 3 minutes a day and work up from there. It’s more important to establish a consistent daily practice than to attempt marathon meditation right out of the gate.

Please leave comments below about your experiences, and feel free to share any shielding and balancing techniques you may have. May you feel invincible, inspired, and blessed!

[1] Rushkoff, Douglas. Present Shock.

[2] Eisentein, Charles. The Ascent of Humanity.


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    Love this composition! Great balance of actionable-practical and general-theoretical information. I’m excited for you to unfold more specifics of your personal practice to inspire us!

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