Perfect Responsibility Is Perfect Protection


Perfect self-responsibility is the best form of protection. Without integrating this fundamental concept into your everyday experience of the world, all other attempts at protection will fail.

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In an earlier article, I talked about personal shielding as a prerequisite to the mystical and self-transformative act of opening the heart. Immersion in the process of heart-opening is proof that Heaven and Hell are simply alternate reality states created by subjective consciousness (this is the wild ride that I referred to as “dealing with the shit in your heart.”) In Dostoevsky’s words, “Here the devil is struggling with God, and the battlefield is the human heart.”[1]

The trick is to create a safe, sacred space for this intimate dive into the ocean of the Self. Protection and shielding practices can be used to build this kind of sanctuary, where no outside influence can play a part in your conscious unfolding without your express permission. If you’ve ever found yourself marveling at the incongruent negativity of your thoughts on a bad day, and wondered how they could possibly be your own, you know what it’s like to be unprotected from outside influence.

Make no mistake: many of your thoughts are not your own, but rather noetic impressions that your mind has scooped up from collective consciousness. Some of them are nothing more than distractions – dust on the lens of your consciousness – but others are consciously directed tools of psychic warfare that can be detrimental to your personal progress. In either case, it helps to be protected.

We’ll delve into a whole series of protection and integrity-building practices over the course of a handful of articles, but for now, let’s direct our gaze to the fundamental foundation of self-protection  the center of the mandala, so to speak.

Perfect self-responsibility is the best form of protection. Without integrating this fundamental concept into your everyday experience of the world, all other attempts at protection will fail. Claiming responsibility for every one of your thoughts, actions, and willful projections satisfies the most important requirement of being divinely protected: remaining in right relation, alignment, and integrity with All That Is.

Being in right relation can be understood in two interconnected ways. The first way is practical, grounded, and based in three-dimensional causality (or probable correlation, for you quantum physicists out there). From this perspective, an individual is in right relation when he or she has the ability to choose a moral compass (such as the practice of yamas and niyamas in yogic doctrine), and to perform actions that naturally uphold these standards, ethics, or guidelines.

One’s compass need not be a doctrine, dogma, or set of rules (in fact, you may have noticed that such structure often gets in the way of true right action). What is primarily important is not the rule itself, but rather the disciplined harmony of intention and action. For example, being a vegetarian does not guarantee whether one is or is not in right relation; if someone has firmly decided that it is wrong to kill animals, however, then not being a vegetarian would take that person out of alignment, because there is no resonance or consistency between intention and lifestyle. Yogis call this harmony of thought and action pratyahar.

Again, the most important guiding principle of all is simply to always take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Try not to experience shame or guilt for actions performed out of alignment; just take responsibility for all the repercussions that proceed from them.

The second way in which being in right relation may be understood is as a central principle of multidimensional geometry. In its grandest expression, being in right relation simply means that you are aligned with the larger universal structure of which you are a part. “Relation” is rooted in the same etymology as “ratio,” which denotes a harmonious mathematical relationship between two terms. To be in integrity, in alignment, or in right relation is to make yourself commensurate with Universal Order, and thus to represent All That Is within your individuated, fractal self.

Simply put: an individual part in alignment with All can act with the same efficacy and power as the whole.   

So what does all this have to do with protection? As intimated in the statement above, being aligned with the sacred blueprint of Divine Logos gives you the innately programmed ability to source power from all the vast, multidimensional levels of your being, because you are all of these levels. Falling out of right relation closes access to these higher templates, and thus greatly increases the chances that you will be unable to protect yourself from unwanted external influence.

If this all sounds woefully complicated, just remember: perfect self-responsibility is synonymous with perfect multidimensional alignment, and perfect alignment is all that is required for perfect protection. We’ll end with an affirmation for self-responsibility and divine alignment. Recite these words (or some derivation thereof) whenever you’re in need of centering, protection, and peace:

I accept responsibility for all of my thoughts and actions, unconditionally and irrevocably. I affirm my true existence as All That Is. I trust and affirm the sacred geometrical blueprint of my Highest Self. Through alignment with my true nature as Divine Order, I invoke unconditional protection from all influences that would consciously or unconsciously violate my sovereign will. With great love and respect, I offer gratitude for the remembrance of my infinite, inviolable Self.     

Please leave comments below about your experiences with this work. Do you have any other personal affirmations with which you enjoy working? Has frequently reminding yourself about personal responsibility allowed you to feel more protected?

[1] Dostoevsky, Fyodor. The Brothers Karamazov, p. 108.


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