Secrets of Developing Energetic Sensitivity: 8 Ways to Put Theory into Practice (Part III)


Essentially, if you want to notice extraordinary things in your body, you need to give your body a reason to believe that they’re going to happen. Nervous system mastery is a game of matching reality to your embedded thought-systems.

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Now that we’ve discussed the dangers of pursuing energetic sensitivity for its own sake, as well as some of the principles underlying our experience of it, it’s time to take action.

Volumes could be (and have been) filled with instructions regarding meditations, mantras, and spiritual technologies for awakening the higher senses. For now, I’d like to share just a few key practices with you.

Find your core intentionality, and never let go of it. Sometimes it seems like the external world is engineered to be distracting. If you can identify your innermost vision and ensure that nothing throws you off course, your spiritual senses will sharpen and deepen effortlessly.

Choose a daily spiritual practice, and stick with it. Sadhana is absolutely essential for developing energetic sensitivity. Yoga, meditation, mantra, magic, immersion in nature, and any other practice that connects you to something greater than yourself will all illuminate your path…the key is to pick which one is right for you and work with it every day.

Pay attention to synchronicities. There’s no such thing as coincidences. The experience of synchronicity is the precursor to fourth-dimensional perception (more on that in a future article). Just keep in mind that all higher-sensory experience doesn’t have to do with glowing auras, bright lights, and music of the spheres.

Eat sattvic foods. Ayrurvedic medicine refers to high-life, high-light food like vegetables, fruits, seeds, herbs, and spices as sattvic. These foods are said to keep all of the yogic bodies light, rarefied, and sensitive to spiritual impression.

Choose your words carefully. Language has more of an ability to shape your experience of reality than you may think. Sound, when directed with proper attention and intention, can induce full-blown transcendent experience.

Focus on your breath. Prana is one of the most powerful forces for unlocking spiritual potential that you have at your disposal. Pay attention to your breath whenever possible, and use breath as your guide during meditation. Find the hidden rhythms in your inhalation and exhalation, and learn how they are connected to your physical sensations and emotional patterns.

 “Why didn’t you say so before?”

While these actions are lifetime pursuits (not one-time solutions to psycho-spiritual issues), they’re all pretty simple. So you might be wondering why it was necessary to lay out two whole articles as a prerequisite to this simple list.

Why did we need to delve into discussions about power, illusion, grand design, and esoteric nervous system mastery first?

Here’s the quick answer: you must be familiar with the result that you want before you’ll be able to achieve it.

When you set an intention to be more spiritually aware or energetically sensitive, for what are you really asking? Just saying that you want to “open your third eye” or “awaken your kundalini” won’t cut it, unless those phrases already have a clear, precise, and powerful meaning for you.

Your physical body (and the senses that are an extension of it) tends to experience that which is in accordance with the templates that are anchored in your mental and emotional bodies.

So, if you lack a mental and emotional comprehension of what opening your third eye or awakening your kundalini actually means for you, it’s not very likely that you’ll experience those kinds of things in your physical body.

You can’t find something if you don’t know what you’re looking for

Essentially, if you want to notice extraordinary things in your body, you need to give your body a reason to believe that they’re going to happen. Nervous system mastery is a game of matching reality to your embedded thought-systems.

This is why pratyahar – which is conventionally practiced as a sort of self-induced, yogic sensory deprivation – is also referred to as “the synchronization of senses and thoughts” in Raj Yoga.

If you’re the lucky type who regularly experiences spontaneous kundalini ascension and other irruptions of transcendence into the phenomenal realm, congratulations. May you accept and leverage this gift wisely, for the good of humanity.

Otherwise, it can be immensely helpful to seed your body-mind system with systemic ideas pertaining to the experiences you wish to have (see the principles of esoteric nervous system mastery in the previous article for some examples).

Here’s the basic process that we’re following…

1. Form an intention (e.g. the intention to become energetically sensitive).

2. Encode the emotional body with a belief system that anchors these ideas (e.g. the principles of nervous system mastery).

3. Feel the manifestation of the reality behind these ideas in your body-mind (e.g. carry out practices that allow you to experience the manifestation of these ideas in your own body).

The most important thing to keep in mind is this: thoughts and emotions are simply higher-order extensions of your physical body, and thus matter and thought are both are just as tangible or intangible as the other.

If you stop believing in the divide between the “tangible” body and the “intangible” world of thought-forms, the process of integrating higher-order energies will become much easier.

Your embedded mental and emotional “software” will then be able to manifest seamlessly in your everyday, physical experience.

There’s just one catch…

This whole charade can be summed up as a simple, yet far-reaching concept: your belief in something can actually determine the degree to which it exists.

Which means that you can make something true for you simply by believing in it.

So…doesn’t this mean that it’s possible to anchor ideas into your mental and emotional bodies that have no basis in reality, or that don’t serve your highest self?

Yes, for better or worse.

When this process is used for ill, it is affectionately referred to as brainwashing or mind control programming. It’s the modus operandi of nearly all organized religion, politics, scientifico-rationalist dogma, advertising, and industrial capitalism.

This is why it’s absolutely essential to ensure that the impressions to which you’re becoming sensitive are coming from the right place.

To recap from Part I of this series: make sure your intentions are pure, connect with the Greater Whole beyond your individual ego, and source your mental and emotional templates from this place of Highest Intuition.

Once you’ve taken the time to understand the precautions and processes outlined in this series, the (higher-dimensional) world is your oyster.

As we begin to unlock the latent worlds of physiological, emotional, and mental possibility within our own bodies, we engage in the process of nervous system recalibration that will lead to higher awareness. Each one of us that awakens into this directed knowing pushes our species another step closer to the consciousness that is necessary for a planetary culture based on true right relations.

Thanks for all the personal and transpersonal work that each one of you is doing during this crucial time in our evolution.


Ryan Greendyk

Ryan Greendyk is a conscious internet entrepreneur, writer, kundalini yoga teacher, psychonaut, and sacred space creator. He's pretty fond of tea ceremonies, entheogens, bass-beat wizardry and techno-shamanism, superfoods, gifting, fire spinning, alternative healing modalities, spontaneous outbursts of love, and spending quality time with God and friends. In a nutshell, he's dedicated to delivering others to their highest selves through the creation and promotion of communities, cultures, products, and programs built upon creativity, intentional play, and spiritual self-mastery. He is the Founder of Lightlab and the Producer of Lightlab Events.

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