Spiritual Leverage and the Art of Getting What You Desire


The psycho-spiritual underpinnings of our actions will help us achieve our goals far more successfully than the actions themselves.

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We’re all interested in making some kind of change in our lives.

Even if you’re gloriously grateful for each moment of your existence, you probably feel the inchoate urging of forward progress, the subtle striving of your intuitive self toward progressively greater self-mastery.

If so, great.

While it’s essential to rest in the present moment, we’re not meant to be static beings. We’re here to learn, and the only way to do so is through the conscious accretion of new experiences, new movements, and new levels of understanding.

This higher desire for continued self-development can take many forms. Perhaps you’d like to be more meticulous with your word, deepen your spiritual practice, or lose ten pounds. Maybe you’d love to manifest more monetary prosperity, find a compatible relationship partner, or finish a creative project.

Despite the varied nature of these intentions, they are all rooted in your holistic path of self-mastery. They are all equally valid and honorable wishes, provided that they are desires that keep you in right relation.

You can read more about right relation (and why it’s essential to your psycho-spiritual growth) here, here, and here.

Assess your desires with vigilance and intuition

Don’t worry: we’ll get to the part about how to actualize your desires soon enough.

Before expending any psycho-spiritual energy on the fulfillment of desires, though, you should always ensure that they’re in alignment with your highest and wisest good.

To do so, you’ll need to tap into the verticality of your intuition. Try asking yourself the following questions:

Is this desire genuine?

What makes me certain that this desire is genuine?

Is this desire truly my own, or am I being coerced into desire by an external person, force, or belief system?

Is it my ego or my highest intuition that is catalyzing this desire?

Would the fulfillment of this desire harm or violate the free will of any other sentient being?

As you pose these questions to yourself (silently or aloud), pay close attention to what’s happening in your body. Observe points of sudden tension or release. Allow your nervous system to act as a measuring instrument for the subtle energies of your emotional and mental landscape.

Beware of any attachments that you may have to certain desires, and don’t let them prevent you from gaining clear answers to these questions. Subtle modalities like applied kinesiology (muscle testing) can be helpful in the process of achieving neutral self-responses, provided that it’s used in the proper context.

Make sure your answers are clear and confidant, and keep honing your intuition until you can obtain an immediate and pellucid yes or no to each of the questions above (along with any questions you feel compelled to add to the list).

If you’re wondering why this process is necessary, consider the following: what if you knew that you could manifest absolutely anything? What if making something real was as easy as forming the desire in your mind? And what if you knew that your thoughts would instantly become reality, even if those thoughts weren’t in your best interest?

Wouldn’t you want to make sure that you only thought good thoughts?

For this reason, it’s always a good idea to play it safe. Before unlocking the secret to dramatically accelerating the physical manifestation of your thoughts and desires, always confirm that they are willful reflections of your Highest Self.

With that principle in mind, let’s unveil the secret: it’s called spiritual leverage.

The secret to making radical life changes

We’re sensory beings. We believe deeply in the reality of the physical world, because we are predisposed to do so by the material form in which our consciousness has clothed itself.

Thus, we measure change in our lives by what we can sense. We even judge the validity of our inner, mental lives according to what “makes sense” or what is “sensible.”

We tend to think that the more “physical” a cause is, the more pronounced the effect will be. Physically throwing a ball accomplishes more than thinking about throwing a ball…right? Maybe not.

It depends what you were trying to accomplish in the first place.

Obviously, if you want the ball on the other side of the room, you need to throw it physically. But, if you want to throw it through a small hoop, mentally visualizing the action beforehand can increase your chances of success.

Here’s the esoteric explanation of why this is the case: the action of throwing a ball is only possible because “ball-throwing” is a preexisting mental concept. It is the thought that is primary—not the physical action (or the ball itself).

Non-physical conceptions are like the DNA of physical matter—they form the morphogenetic fields through which the physical world is constructed. Our ability to think and form thoughts is what taps us into this higher-dimensional architecture that gives birth to physicality.

And the thought-world is only a level or two above the physical plane. Above this mental stage of reality lies a staggering, non-linear hierarchy of structured force and form that is wildly beyond our current comprehension.

The higher the energetic level, the more primary each unit of information becomes. Think of a giant lever extending through these different levels. Applying force on the physical plane is like pulling on the lever at its fulcrum, while doing so at higher levels is like pulling the end of the lever.

So here’s the point: spiritual leverage is far more effective than physical leverage.

Theosophists say that “it is a law of occult dynamics that a given amount of energy expended on the spiritual or astral plane is productive of far greater results than the same amount expended on the physical objective plane of existence.”[1]

The ultimate takeaway is that the psycho-spiritual underpinnings of our actions will help us achieve our goals far more successfully than the actions themselves.

Don’t be tricked into avoiding transformation

Admittedly, the notion that spiritual intentionality is more powerful than physical action is pretty hard to accept. But by refusing to acknowledge it, we keep our actions constrained by the deeply limited leverage capability of the physical plane.

The science of “occult dynamics” is a fascinating and bewilderingly complex discipline, but there’s lots of simple ways in which you can apply it in your own life. I’ll end with a list of simple list of possibilities…

1. Think before you act. Take the time to ensure that you know exactly what you want before you start taking action to get it. Furthermore, never assume that what was best for you yesterday is also best for you today. Check in with yourself often, and ensure that you’re remaining in integrity. When you’re in right relation, your actions will lead you effortlessly to the fulfillment of your goals.

2. Leverage your emotions. Your emotional body is one of the greatest and most subtle instruments we have for assessing our internal state. But feelings also aren’t just something that we need to experience passively. The process of emotional mastery has as much to do with learning to program the emotional body. By teaching the body to feel the feelings associated with the fulfillment of our desires, we actually attract the contexts that lead to that fulfillment.

3. Practice spiritual hygiene. It’s pretty commonly accepted that taking a shower and brushing your teeth is a positive daily ritual. It’s just as important (or even more so) to cleanse your emotional and mental bodies, though. Integrating positive psycho-spiritual rituals into your daily life (like meditation and positive affirmation) allows you to function more masterfully in every area of your life.

4. Watch what you say. Every word you speak has the power to determine the direction of your life…so choose wisely. Language is an exquisitely refined form of magic that has far-reaching applications and effects. Accept it as the gift that it is, and learn to be aware of how you use it. Your speech is a reflection of what you are consciously or unconsciously seeking to create in the world; make sure it matches your true and intuitive desires.

Do you have other practices that you use to aid in the process of manifesting your desires? Please share your questions or contributions in the comments section below.

[1] H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, vol. 1 (Pasadena: Theosophical University Press, 1999), p.644.


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