The Universe Is Perfect: 5 Gentle Reminders for Hard Times


No one ever said that life as a three-dimensional human being would be easy. Here’s some reminders for all the times that it’s difficult to remember that the universe is perfect, that everything happens for a reason, and that there are always more good things coming.

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No one ever said that life as a three-dimensional human being would be easy.

After all, we’re here to learn, and learning can be hard work.

We’re here to faciliate the unfolding of all-encompassing Awareness—the immediate, crystalline knowing that can only come from having passed through all possible experiences.

And as you may have noticed, there’s quite a few experiences that are downright challenging.

So here’s some reminders for all the times that it’s difficult to remember that the universe is perfect, that everything happens for a reason, and that there are always more good things coming.

Things happen for you, not to you

Despite what it may sometimes feel like, the world is not out to get you.

If you find yourself questioning the reason for your life’s trials and tribulations, try to reframe your perspective. Instead of asking what you did to deserve such calamity, ask your highest intuition what lesson you’re supposed to be learning.

View the events of your existence neutrally—because that’s how the universe views them. Think of karma not as an algorithm for the meting out of cosmic justice, but rather as an organizational syntax for determining future events according to past patterns.

The divine blueprint of our unfolding lives is played out so as to teach us exactly the lessons that will be most helpful to our evolution—not to punish us.

The only jealous, judging God is the misdirected will of your own ego. Trust that the Divinity that organizes and animates the cosmos is far more enlightened and incomprehensible than any anthropomorphic conception could depict. A universe wholly guided by the emotional whims of a childish creator god would have collapsed back into its pre-cosmic state long ago.

The Whole is a living, self-organizing, infinitely intelligent masterpiece…and it is a reflection of you.

You are beautiful and essential

Byron Katie reminds us that “if you realized how beautiful you are, you would fall at your own feet.”

All the beauty, meaning, and complexity of Source’s awakening into Self-Awareness is reiterated in the individual’s discovery of his or her own fullness.

You are the paragon of ordered magnificence, and you are essential to the continuing expression of all things good and true. You are the carrier of a lineage older than time, a language of light and meaning that is always progressing and reinventing itself through your experience. With each thought and breath, with every step taken and choice made, you give life to the animating spirit of evolution.

You are so much more than the pains of your body, the trials of your mind, and the hardships of your heart.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience

Everything tends toward greater light, greater complexity, and more complete balance—and you are the enabler of this Great Work.

In the highest sense, you are not a human being. You are a spiritual being, whose current existence as a human being serves to usher higher lessons and higher energies into the planetary body-mind and collective heart.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember this big-picture perspective.

Beauties and challenges alike are fleeting petals carried on the wind—and an entire human life is but a single blossom on an immense Tree of Life. And yet, you are the flowering body that carries forth this Tree’s life-force. You are the outward manifestation of its inner impulse toward continual rebirth.

Your heart may be broken and your confidence may be shaken, but your nature as a reflection of Divine Order is invincible and eternal.

Be grateful for the self-awareness that allows you to see yourself in this light, and take a moment to recognize how extraordinary you and this world really are.

Everything is a miracle

Scientists, occultists, and spiritual teachers all agree that physical matter is the most wildly improbable, staggeringly coordinated occurrence ever orchestrated by the forces-that-be.

In his Brothers Karamazov, Dostoevsky states that “the world stands on absurdities, and without them perhaps nothing at all would happen.”[1]

Our third-dimensional existence is the most perfect expression of coherence we could ever hope to find, the unlikely pinnacle of all spiritual pursuits, the mysterium tremendum et fascinans clothed in the semiotic guise of meaning and structure.

This life is our grace, this moment is infinity; the Kingdom of Heaven is within us.  The quantum coherence of physical matter is the ultimate attainment of satori in the universe—samadhi manifest as the neutral actualization of polarities transcended.

To know Himself, God must clothe Himself in physical form.  The highest intelligence must learn to think Himself nothing more than dust. Then, to find our way home, we beings of dust must relearn that we are the creator of all, having integrated the humility and wisdom of physical form.

This paradoxical equality between part and whole is at the heart of our miraculous nature. But it gets better.

The highest miracle of all is that this whole process of evolutionary unfolding and refolding has already happened.

The progression toward a universal spiritual “finishing line” is an illusion, a momentary masquerade enacted by space and time. Everything we have imagined will be possible has already occurred. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Evolution has already completed its march—it has always been complete. Our entire journey consists in becoming aware of what has already come to perfection.

 All you really have to do is stand in awe

All of us, through all of our scintillating selves and myriad shades of Being, throughout all eternity, have been preparing for This Moment.

It has taken an infinite amount of time to prepare the potential necessary for the actualization of a single moment of reality…and that moment is now. Every passing instant is the presentation of a completed masterpiece.

We are eternal co-creators of this masterpiece, who have mingled our cells and selves in twain, switched and swayed our physical essences innumerable times, awash in waves of enormous probabilistic expressions of energetic architecture.

All that is left is to awaken to what has happened, to stand in rapt awe of our creation, and through it, to love one another.

Do you believe in the perfectness of your present moment?

Do you believe that you are complete?

Do you believe that each action need only be an ecstatic step toward the recognition of your Wholeness?

Whatever you’re doing, thinking, or feeling, do so with a sense of great love, celebration, and gratitude. Carry this empowered knowledge into your daily movements, weave it into your words, and seek to awaken the world with every step you take.

When you stand in awe and seek to exalt the world, your woes can no longer harm you. Your learning will still be hard work, but it will feel lighter, more beautiful, and charged with significance. It will feel like unveiling a work of art, like joyously surrendering to selfless service. It will feel like awareness.

[1] Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov (New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1990),  p. 243.


Ryan Greendyk

Ryan Greendyk is a conscious internet entrepreneur, writer, kundalini yoga teacher, psychonaut, and sacred space creator. He's pretty fond of tea ceremonies, entheogens, bass-beat wizardry and techno-shamanism, superfoods, gifting, fire spinning, alternative healing modalities, spontaneous outbursts of love, and spending quality time with God and friends. In a nutshell, he's dedicated to delivering others to their highest selves through the creation and promotion of communities, cultures, products, and programs built upon creativity, intentional play, and spiritual self-mastery. He is the Founder of Lightlab and the Producer of Lightlab Events.

  • Alex Holt

    . Thank you. Sat nam. Sending love and light your way

    • http://www.lightlabcreations.com/ Ryan Greendyk

      Sat nam. Thanks for reading :)

  • Aaron Johnston

    Beautiful. I received this as a modern poetic translation of ancient Tibetan Buddhist wisdom:

    The realms of existence converging incomprehensibly in the physical for Spirit to experience its own unfolding and ascension through 7 billion pairs of eyes…and karma as an expression of living compassion in this moment, for the collective and the individual struggling with various levels of suffering.

    Just this morning I expressed deep gratitude to a close friend for her patience, compassion, and understanding while she watched me go through times of intense suffering: times that were undeniably difficult for her to witness and absolutely essential for my own personal growth, transformation, and ability to serve the collective more authentically.

    Thanks for continuing to summon your inner Lama ;)

    • http://www.lightlabcreations.com/ Ryan Greendyk

      And thank YOU for your beautiful, beautiful contributions to the conversation :)

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