What Color Is Your Highest Purpose?


Our senses are even niftier than we usually imagine. They’re calibrated mainly to receive stimuli, not to interpret it (that’s the brain’s job). For this reason, they function on an open-source, unfiltered basis; they are neutral to the biases of the mind’s contextual structures and interpretations.

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Close your eyes and try to remember one of your greatest moments of bliss.

Rather than focusing on the memory of what was happening, become aware of what you were feeling.

Usher in the calm jubilance of that moment, and let your nervous system be flooded with this sensation.

Remember the effortlessness of being in that state. Feel the smoothness of reality’s contours, the driving rhythm of total awareness.

Let this joyous immediacy wash over you.

Now take a minute to think about that which is most important to you.

But instead of just identifying things, places, people, or concepts…go deeper. Allow your thoughts to be formed and informed by the deeper motivations behind everything that makes your heart sing.

It’s perfectly fine to hold thoughts of specific things or principles in mind, but try to move beyond their incidental qualities. Work to form an everything-that-I-hold-dear constellation, and examine the underlying force that holds the whole system together.

Notice how the core impetus of that system makes you feel.

Can you feel a hint of that same bliss that you conjured at the beginning of this exercise? If so, you’re on your way to discovering the force of your highest purpose – what I like to call your core frequency.

Unlock your supernature

Think of your core frequency as that which breathes Life into your life, that which aligns all of your thoughts and actions with your soul’s highest imperative. It is the amalgamated karmic program of your present existence – your foundational purpose in this particular lifetime.

If we consent to its outer expression, it becomes manifest as a powerfully driving force, a deeply devotional love of the path that leads to our Highest Self.  

To be attuned to your core frequency is to experience the highest, most exquisite unfolding of self-knowledge. All doors are opened to you, all is illuminated, and nothing can affect you negatively.

And here’s the coolest part: the essence of your core frequency is the same as the Divine Essence that orders all of creation. Your highest personal purpose is an echo of the One Frequency, self-organized and customized to serve your individual template.

Thus, the personal process of attaining true self-knowledge is a reflection of the universe’s overall process of gaining Self-Awareness. By participating in the process of aligning with your highest purpose, you are automatically participating in the project of cosmic evolution.

As above, so below.

This blossoming of human potential, often referred to as our supernature by the folks at the Esalen Institute, is the key to a balanced, vibrant, and activated life.

“So how do I find my core frequency?”

To put it simply: you’ll find it when you unconditionally trust the Divine Source of your being.

And “when you are aware of your totality, the Life-impulse will transmit to you everything that you need to know in any given situation. Its message will always come as your first spontaneous impulse. Be attentive.”[1]

Easier said than done, though. Achieving enlightenment isn’t exactly something you can pencil into your day planner.

How can we learn to recognize our highest purpose, as long as it remains buried in the labyrinth of our differentiated personalities?

Let’s start with what’s readily accessible to us: our good old physiological senses.

What we’ll essentially be doing is examining the bliss-state (which yogis would call ananda) by paying attention to how it affects our body-mind system.

In a future article, we’ll look more deeply at the feelings that we associate with bliss. For now, let’s focus on something that might sound strange at first: what the experience of bliss physically looks like.

 Synaesthesia for the rest of us

Our senses are even niftier than we usually imagine. They’re calibrated mainly to receive stimuli, not to interpret it (that’s the brain’s job). For this reason, they function on an open-source, unfiltered basis; they are neutral to the biases of the mind’s contextual structures and interpretations.

And because they represent a sort of template ready for imprinting, they don’t give preferential treatment to the type of stimuli being received – no matter how subtle the stimuli may be.

While our inability to perceive some phenomena is often a “hardware” issue (e.g. the human eye is not built to perceive ultraviolet light, etc.), a lot of our inability to perceive subtle phenomena stems from the mind’s unwillingness to believe in the subtle realm.

All of us are inherently capable of increasing our energetic sensitivity and using the senses as a bridge to higher-order perception.    

So if experiences of synaesthesia (tasting colors, seeing sounds, etc.) sound bizarre and unattainable to you…allow your mind to stretch a bit further into the concept.

Let’s try an exercise that will attempt to answer the following question: what color is your highest purpose?

However arbitrary or imaginary this idea may seem, rest assured that esoteric spirituality and occultism often refer to colored “Rays” as determinants of a spiritual seeker’s personal path and karmic blueprint.

Let’s get started…

Clear your mind through meditation. Create your sacred space, set intentions, and clear your mind. Implement whatever type meditation you most enjoy (you can find examples here and here). Just remember to breathe, allowing yourself to rest in pure consciousness.

Connect to your verticality. Picture a luminous, vertical channel extending above your head. Feel that it is through this conduit that all higher, Source-centered energies may reach your body-mind system. Connect to this pillar (Samuel Sagan calls it “the clear fountain”), and feel yourself vertically aligned with the geometry of the Universal Template. Feel that you are protected and sheltered from all external, horizontal influence. You are perfectly poised, unshakable, and plugged into your highest intuition.

Feel your vertical channel. Maintain an image of this “clear fountain” in your mind’s eye, but don’t become attached to defining its characteristics. Instead, focus on what it feels like to connect to this flow of higher-order information. What sensations do you feel in your body? Are they comfortable or uncomfortable? Are they subtle or intense?

See your vertical channel. Finally, allow yourself to see any color that appears in your vertical channel. Don’t try to see it, and don’t form mental justifications for why you’d expect to see certain colors (“well, I’m feeling awfully calm, and one of those mood rings I had once said that blue is usually the color associated with calmness, etc.”). Just keep your mind silent and clear, and ask your intuition the following question: “What color is my core frequency?” Remain detached and neutral, consent to the influx of higher Life-impulse, and observe the color or colors that arise.

Don’t worry yet about interpreting whatever color(s) you see. When the sight of your vertical channel becomes clear enough, simply feel the essence that is filling and coloring it. Bathe in the light of your core frequency; let it enrich and uplift you.

The importance of this practice lies in convincing the mind that the senses are more far-reaching than we generally assume them to be. Remind your mind that the goal is not the laconic interpretation of phenomena, but the blissful experience of understanding and connecting to your core frequency.

Please share your experiences, questions, and musings in the comments section below. At the very least, tell us what the color of your core frequency is, so we can see how many Rays we have represented in the community!

[1] Carey, Ken & Raphael. The Starseed Transmissions, p. 47.


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